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Update Thursday April 29, 2021: Our sales staff is now fully vaccinated and Governor Cooper has rescinded the requirement for masks for people that are outside. Because this restriction has been removed our sales staff will no longer be wearing … Read More

New City of Raleigh Setback Requirements for Sheds

As of January 1st 2019, the City of Raleigh has changed it’s setback requirements for all accessory buildings. This is listed under Raleigh City Ordinance TC-2-2018 Accessory Structures. Accessory structures and sheds in Raleigh with gross floor area of 150 … Read More

New Home Buying and Adding a Shed to Your Property

Many of our customers are new home buyers that need additional storage. I have noticed a trend in the real estate industry that sometimes can be problematic when purchasing a new shed. Many people buying new homes are not paying … Read More

Are sheds affected by impervious surface limitations?

I am sure many of you have seen the news article on the homeowner in Raleigh that purchased a home and when he went to sell it he found out it was over his 30% impervious surface limit. This poor … Read More

Amish Sheds

I have noticed as I drive around the Triangle an influx of Amish built sheds sitting along side the road.  When most people think of an Amish built shed they think of an Amish carpenter hand crafting this shed and … Read More

Carolina Yard Barns Celebrates its 10th year!

Happy 10th Year Anniversary to Raleigh Shed Company Carolina Yard Barns I get asked on a regular basis what sets us apart from some other shed companies and I always answer with the construction features that set us apart from … Read More