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Additional Options And Add-Ons

Below are some additional options that you may want to consider to enhance the functionality and beauty of your new storage building from Carolina Yard Barns. If you are looking for an option that you don’t see listed just give us a call or email us and we can work you up a price for your particular needs.

Treated Plywood Floor

8' x 8'
8' x 10'
8' x 12'
10' x 10'
10' x 12'
10' x 16'
12' x 12'
12' x 20'
16' x 20'
16' x 24'


24" x 36″ aluminum shed window w/screen trimmed with LP Smart Trim
18" Octagon Window (Smartside price)
Transom window (Smartside price)
Vinyl 24" x 36" window (Hardi and Vinyl only)

Shutters and Flower Boxes

Pair, Shutters large (paintable)
Flower Box (paintable)

Additional Standard Doors and Door Upgrades

Additional pair standard wood doors (60" opening)
Additional single 30" standard wood door
Additional pair 60" 6 panel Fiberglass Doors
Additional single 30″ 6 panel Fiberglass Door
Upgrade wood double doors to Double 9 lite Fiberglass doors
Upgrade wood double doors to Double 4 lite Fiberglass doors
Upgrade wood double doors to Double 15 lite or Full View Fiberglass doors
Additional single 30″ Fiberglass 9 lite


8" x 16" pair (extra pair)
4' ridge vent


Additional Concrete leveling blocks
Roofing felt (per sq.ft. of floor space)
Hurricane Package: Required for permitted sheds
Anchoring Package: Set of 4 earth Anchors
Radiant Barrier Roofing
5ft shed dormer with windows
Premium Statesman and 8/12 roof pitch Heritage only

Keep your storage building cooler with Solar Board Radiant Barrier.


5′ x 6′ Permanent wood ramp with diamond plate threshold

CYB cannot guarantee that this size ramp will work for all applications. Some buildings will require a longer ramp depending on the slope of the land and the application in which it will be used. There will be an additional charge for modified or longer ramps.

Standard Shelving and Workbenches

8′ Shelf (12″ deep)
10′ Shelf (12″ deep)
12′ Shelf (12″ deep)
16′ Shelf (12″ deep)
8′ Workbench (24″ deep)
10′ Workbench (24″ deep)
12′ Workbench (24″ deep)
16′ Workbench (24″ deep)


Large vented Cupola (up to 8/12 pitch)

Loft Sections

Loft 8′ x 4′ (2 x 4 joists 24″ O.C.)
Loft 10′ x 4′ (2 x 6 joists 24″ O.C.)
Loft 12′ x 4′ (2 x 6 joists 16″ O.C.)
Loft 16′ x 4′ (2 x 6 joists 16″ O.C.)
“U” Shaped Loft 8’x12′ * Deluxe Estate only
“U” Shaped Loft 8’x16′ * Deluxe Estate only
“U” Shaped Loft 10’x10′ * Deluxe Estate only
“U” Shaped Loft 10’x12′ * Deluxe Estate only
“U” Shaped Loft 12’x12′ * Deluxe Estate only

Standard and “U” Shaped lofts are recommended for your light to medium storage needs. “U” shaped lofts: 4’deep loft at rear, 2′ deep loft along each side.

Prices do not include painting, staining, optional features, permits, zoning and setback advice and/or compliance, excavation or leveling beyond 6″. Some displays show optional features. All content subject to change without notice. All measurements are approximate. Deluxe Estate and Statesman buildings are measured width x length x height with the door on the width side as standard. Tackroom buildings are measured length x width x height with the door on the length side as standard. Doors are placed on standard side unless noted on customer order and approved by branch manager.

***Hurricane packages are required for all building permits. The Hurricane package consists of a set of 4 earth anchors (if additional anchors are required there will be an additional charge), hurricane ties and plywood clips. The earth anchors are 32″ long, if there are any concerns about utilities or septic systems being in the vicinity it is the customer’s responsibility to call No Cuts 811 at least 3 business days prior to construction beginning. CYB assumes no responsibility for anchors damaging utilities and septic systems.

All prices are subject to change. Please call our office for current pricing.