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Have you ever wondered what building a custom shed on your property would look like? Do you have concerns about the time it would take to put one together? Check out this time-lapse video of one of our recent builds.

Us vs. Them

Still not convinced? This comparison chart puts our products up against other popular competitors.

   Carolina Yard Barns  The Competition
Floor Framing TREATED 12″ on center 16″ on center (sometimes NON Treated)
Floor Decking 3/4″ plywood 5/8″ OSB or Plywood
Wall Framing 16″ on center 2 x 4 studs 24″ on center, depending on competitor may be 2 x 3 studs
Ventilation Comes Standard Purchase separately
Concrete Leveling Blocks 2 levels of blocks included in base price Purchase separately
Warranty 5 year top to bottom warranty 2 year warranty
Door Hinges Full length heavy duty piano hinge Small strapping hinges
Floor Weight Load Will easily accomodate lawn tractors, four wheelers, etc. Some competitors have floor systems that are not recommended for lawn tractors

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