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Shed Color Choices

Many Homeowner Associations will require a shed to either be painted to match the home or have vinyl siding to match the home. They will also generally require the shingles on your shed to match the shingles on your home. Carolina Yard Barns works closely with our customers to get the best color match possible for vinyl siding and roof shingles.

Typically when a homeowner closes on a new construction home they are given an information sheet that details the materials used on the home. This specification sheet typically lists the color and brand of the roof shingles and the color and brand of the vinyl siding or paint used on the home. We have noticed that sometimes the colors used on the home do not match the colors on the information sheet. We have had customers tell us that their shingles are a particular color (based on the information provided to them by the builder) and then get to the jobsite and realize that the color listed is not the color that was installed. We are also noticing the same thing occurring with vinyl siding.

We recently had a customer request a particular brand and color of vinyl siding based on the information sheet provided to her by her builder. Her builder told her that the vinyl siding was a color that was stocked at a local building supply company. We called that company and they do not stock that color or line of vinyl siding that she thought was on her home. We called every vinyl supplier in the area and nobody stocks the color that was listed on her information sheet.

Vinyl siding brands typically have different lines of vinyl siding. Our customers builder was promoting that her home was built with the highest quality vinyl siding on this particular brand. After a lot of research and calls to the vinyl supply companies we realized that her builder did not use the top of the line vinyl as detailed on her sheet but used another line of that particular brand of vinyl siding. The color in that line of vinyl siding was named something different than what was on her paperwork but it was an exact match and was readily available at the supply company her builder said it was available at.

Carolina Yard Barns has been providing sheds to the greater Raleigh area for close to 20 years. We have seen things like this occur pretty frequently. If you choose to have us build your shed we can assure you that our builders will verify that the shingle color you have chosen for your shed will be a close match to what is on your home. For customer’s having vinyl siding installed on their shed we will come out with our color swatches to see what the best possible vinyl match would be for your home.