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Carolina Yard Barns Celebrates its 10th year!

Happy 10th Year Anniversary to Raleigh Shed Company Carolina Yard Barns

I get asked on a regular basis what sets us apart from some other shed companies and I always answer with the construction features that set us apart from other storage building companies. Just the other day I realized Carolina Yard Barns is celebrating its 10th year in business this year and I realized that there have been many shed companies that have come and gone since we began 10 years ago.

We regularly get calls from people who have a shed that they purchased from a start up company and the shed has some sort of problem. Most of the calls we receive about shed problems are something that should have been covered by a warranty but unfortunately the company they purchased the shed from is no longer in business.

This year when I am asked what sets us apart I am going to let people know that LONGEVITY is what sets us apart. I know there are some shed companies that claim to have been in business for a long time but in all actuality they have not been in business that long. Usually the owner has been building sheds for another company and then branches out on their own and promotes his company by saying his company has been in business for many years but they are counting the time they built sheds for other shed companies when their company has probably only been in business for a few months.

They know how to build a shed so why not start a shed company? The problem comes in when they realize that now they are responsible for sales, marketing, accounting, construction, warranty work, etc. They try to do too much at once and can’t manage it all and the company fails. Now this failure becomes a problem for their customers. The problem comes in when a  warranty issue arises and that start up shed company is no longer there for their customers. Often times these start up companies are cheaper but they come with the risk of them not being there when you really need them. Buyer beware!