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Amish Built Sheds: Handcrafted or Factory Made?

I have noticed as I drive around the Triangle an influx of Amish built sheds sitting along side the road.  When most people think of an Amish built shed they think of an Amish carpenter hand crafting this shed and then it being delivered to your yard. I also thought this is how Amish built sheds were created.

About 3 years ago I had the opportunity to go to a shed manufacturers product show in Lancaster, PA. Lancaster is the heart of the Amish country. After meeting with a vendor we purchase from he arranged for us to tour an Amish shed company. It was not at all what I expected. This was a fully automated factory that the Amish carpenters were working in. Granted they were not hooked up into the electrical grid but they were using propane to power all of their tools and lights. This particular Amish shed factory is Amish owned and operated and they produce about 500 sheds per week to be trucked to various parts of the country. The sheds were built on an assembly line and there was a moving floor that moved portions of the shed from one station to the next. At one station an Amish carpenter was responsible for building the floor at the next station the walls were installed and so on.

This was also not the only Amish shed factory. In one industrial park in this area there were 10 different Amish shed factories all fully automated not the hand craftsmanship that I would have expected from an Amish built shed. I have seen a local company that carries Amish sheds promote that the sheds are hand crafted Amish storage buildings never built in a factory. I bet this shed distributor has never visited the factory where the sheds are assembled on an assembly line.

If you are looking for a true hand crafted building and something not put together in a factory give us a call today. All of our sheds are built on your site and are truly hand crafted and stick built.