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New Home Buying and Adding a Shed to Your Property

Many of our customers are new home buyers that need additional storage. I have noticed a trend in the real estate industry that sometimes can be problematic when purchasing a new shed. Many people buying new homes are not paying for a survey before they close on the home. If you are considering doing any home improvement to your new property that requires a building permit you will need a survey. It saves a lot of time to have a survey done prior to closing on the home.

Many of our customers want a shed soon after they move into their new home. They want to be able to get all of their yard tools out of the garage and into their new shed. If you are purchasing a shed that is larger than 12 x 12 you are supposed to get a building permit. If you have not had your home surveyed before you closed on the home you will be wasting precious time.

I had a couple that wanted a large shed built in Holly Springs. I had recommended they get a survey done so that we could start the permit process the day they closed on the home. Unfortunately they forgot to relay that information to their realtor and a survey was never ordered. They closed on the home and were ready for the shed but didn’t have a survey. It took about 3 weeks to get the property surveyed and then another 2 weeks to get the permit processed. In the meanwhile, they had to keep all of their stuff in storage for over 5 weeks for the permitting process. This could have been cut to about 2 weeks if they had gotten a survey done prior to closing on the home.

My recommendation is if you are buying a new home get a survey done prior to closing.